About Us

Welcome to the practice of Dr. Stephen Cruikshank, MD. Dr. Cruikshank is a trusted provider of alternative medicine, integrative medicine, integrative cancer therapies and natural medicine to the Charlotte, NC and Mooresville, NC area.

Our holistic methods are designed to improve your quality of life, starting with the four cornerstones of health: supplements, hormone optimization, nutrition and lifestyle, and skin care.


Our Process & Treatments

We empower you to achieve optimal health as you experience the natural process of aging. Using well established therapeutic methods and rock-solid science, we evaluate you, individually, and provide appropriate interventions in order to help you become your healthiest self.

Living at Your Optimal Health

You can experience increased energy, less body fat, more muscle mass, a stronger immune system, an improved libido, sharper thinking, improved cholesterol scores, and lower stress levels.

You get answers to your ongoing health concerns, comprehensive evaluations, and analyses that reveal your entire health situation so you can make the best decisions for yourself.

Customized Health Programs

We provide a program that is based on your evaluations, your progress, and your goals. This proactive program can include hormone optimization, nutraceuticals, exercise, and low-glycemic nutrition.

Ongoing Care

After your initial evaluation and design of a personal healthcare program, we continue to support you with consultations to keep your health at an ongoing optimal level.

Our Four Cornerstones

Our process starts with the Advanced Interactive Evaluation (AIE). Much more than a conventional medical screening, the AIE is an evaluation that provides information about which of the 4 Cornerstones of our program are needed to help you reach optimal health.

Nutraceuticals & Supplements

These pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals help even the healthiest of diets. They are physician designed for increased potency and bioavailability and lack allergens or fillers. Examples include intravenous nutrition and chelation therapy.

Hormone Optimization

We evaluate which of your hormone levels have declined and bring those back to optimal levels. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and Pellet Therapy are available.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Throughout our program, we monitor you to help you to achieve better eating and exercise habits that increase your metabolism, lower your cholesterol, improve your sugar levels, etc.

Aesthetic Regimens

These treatments consist of various injections for healthy skin care: Botox, fillers, and other age management modalities and creams.

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